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XML Explorer 4.0

XML Explorer validates XML files, XSD schemas and XPath expressions
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XML Explorer validates XML files, XSD schemas and XPath expressions. XML Explorer surprised me with its fast display of large XML files. I tested it with a 140MB file and I could almost instantly scroll it comfortably. The program allows highlighting of loaded code and the font can be changed according to each user's preferences. The program can also be used to validate XSD schemas themselves.

With Xpath syntax, XML files can be comfortably explored. If you repeat your Xpath expression often, you will be happy with the feature that allows you to store up to one hundred expressions to facilitate your searches.

In order not to compromise operation speed, the developers chose not to implement XML editing as a feature of the program, which makes the program less attractive for people that have small XML files that do not need extraordinary speed and optimum use of RAM. The need for a seperate XML editor defies the benefit of a fast XML viewer, for the time won with exploration speed will be lost when you're forced to switch to another program.

Saskia van der Elst
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  • Efficient XML viewing
  • Xpath expression storage


  • Cannot be used as an XML editor
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